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Shoes That Are Right for You and Your Lifestyle

Your comfort and foot health beyond your initial in-store fitting is important to us. That’s why The Shoe Market provides you with a full staff of professionally trained shoe fitters. With pedorthists and certified shoe fitters on staff, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that the shoes you purchase are right for your lifestyle and your feet.

To make sure that you receive the perfect fit, we have over 60,000 pairs of shoes in stock in women’s sizes 4 – 13 from 4A – 4E and in men’s sizes from 7 – 17, 2A – 6E. We also make sure that we offer a selection of comfortable yet fashionable shoes that have health benefits at the forefront.

We Look Out for You and Your Feet!

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, metatarsalgia, diabetes, edema, or any other number of foot, knee, or back disorders, we have a shoe that’s right for you.

We know it’s impossible to find comfortable, properly fitting footwear via the internet. A visit to The Shoe Market and a personalized shoe fitting with one of our experts will ensure that you have the perfect footwear for your overall health and well-being.

Shoes That Are Right for You and Your Lifestyle